Compound bows today

Wow look at these ones! They are very compact.

Some things to consider on bows:

  • draw weight: How strong are you? A man should be able to handle 45 pounds draw weight and more than that if you are stronger.
  • Draw length: How tall are you? If you are 6’4″, you need a longer draw length, such as 31 inch, than most bows can offer. (Most bows are limited to 29 inch draw length) Be careful at the bow shop to get one that has a long enough draw length for you.
  • Do you want a sight? You dont need a sight, but they can be good. Same could be said for all the other gadgets that can go on a modern compound bow these days. Shock absorbers, arrow rest customizations, the list goes on. How durable will your bow be if you drop it with a sight and such attached?
  • Do you want a bow that uses only a release device, or hold the string with your fingers? Releases are better for accuracy, but keep in mind: If you miss-place your release or it breaks, you cant use your bow.
  • Spare parts: The dacron string will wear out after a year or 3 and it can be hard to figure out how to attach the new string. Get spare strings and know how to install them.
  • Arrows get damaged and lost but especially they get damaged. Get lots of arrows. Aluminium arrows are better than wooden, but cost more.
  • Brand: There are so many generic archery products, including compound bows. It is better in my opinion to get a tried and truc brand name and brand new if possible. Some well known brands include PSE or Hoyt, plus a few others.

Below is a PSE hunting bow. It has the ‘old’ style design, which is what I think is conventional and better than the newer style designs. Newer designs are more compact, more fancy … AND HAVE LESS DRAW LENGTH!

PSE make very good bows, they have a well fitting comfortable and big enough hand grip and the whole unit feels balanced in the hand. The arrow rest will need replacing after some years due to the friction wear from the many arrows flying past it.

A PSE hunting bow
A modern PSE. It looks ok, just check the draw length first though..
The PSE range
Here is a close up on a latest PSE

The new bows have carbon fiber risers, whereas they used to be metal such as magnesium. Carbon fiber is light and strong but it will potentially shatter if you drop it on a hard surface.

Here is a look at things like price compared to quality
Here is a bow with a 34 inch draw length, which is very good.

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