You can select from different sizes: S, M, L, XL. XL is for heights 187cm to 198cm. It has a travel range of 52km in extreme conditions and 175km in ideal conditions. In Australia it costs around $5.5k.

here is a Giant Explore E+1, it has more utility with that rack and the mud guards, but it needs fat 3 inch tyres in my opinion, then it would be a uber off-roader.

You can get many ebikes, but most dont have a well known brand and are basically generic units from generic factories. These bikes may or may not have much quality or reliability. That could be ok, because the price is much lower, especially if youre in an urban environment, where reliability is less important. But if you are 700km into the desert, or the snowy forested mountains and no one around for 3 days ride, you may want to invest in a Giant or other brand name machine. Established brands of course are not infallible, but they have decades of know-how and experience at ironing out problems. Apparently the mid mounted motor is by Yamaha! wheels are 29 inch.

more info:

Giant Stance E+ 2 Ebike from well known bike brand

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