Weather modification, forced evacuation, mass population and property re-distribution

8.3 ALASKA earthquake

This weather: Act of God, or weather modification?: aka Owning the Weather, weather as a weapon. Brings into sharp focus the decades of pushing “global warming/climate change”, they must have spent trillions advertising and promoting global warming and its probably nothing more than a predictive programming for weather warfare. If you want to displace the World’s population having weather weapons would be the ideal excuse for “mandatory evacuation”.

You can expect in the next year or so the NWO will try taking a stranger from far away and putting them in your household, with the excuse that he is a “climate displaced person/refugee” and possibly take members of your family such as your kids and stick them in communal accomodation in other countries. They would first claim its temporary, but never turn things back to normal. This is how Communism works, you have been warned!

“Residents forced to evacuate” – the NWO slogan of permanent family brake-up and property re-distribution
They will not allow you to return
an older vid that covers this topic of paradigm shift by weather modifiction

Weather modification, forced evacuation, mass population and propety re-distribution

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