1996 Port Arthur

It is time for a trial. It is time to put emotion aside and take a look at the basic facts. There was no trial of the accused, no evidence presented nothing. Further Tavistock Institute personel were in close contact with the accused throughout his life from childhood onwards! As we well know, since 1996 Australians have lost so many rights and freedoms. Much of that draconianism stems from 1996 Port Arthur. Australians have accepted lies, and reaped poor outcomes as a result. Australians: If you want to retain some freedom you must be less willing to accept lies. Especially big picture narrative lies that will impact your nations laws, and your quality of life. This 1996 freedom crushing narrative and the apathetic Australian public response to it, bare chilling omens for the current era of massive narrative lies relating to pandemics.

1996 Port Arthur

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