NWO Communism in UK

One of the goals of communism is destruction of the family. My advice to you, is be fruitful and multiply, and do not be afraid. However if you want to know who is doing this to you look in the mirror! Learn what sin is and take small steps in your life to reduce your sin. Look at the state of your nation. It is by sin that you arrived here and by rejection of sin that you may salvage your life and your soul. Do you know what sin is? Can you list even three sins that you do in your life? Can you list me 10 sins? Are you aware of the concept of sin? If not it might be time to focus your attention on this topic of sin because it really is the basis of the situation today. If 60 million Brits reduce their sin, the devil will lose power. The nation with the least sin, is the strongest nation. Look how weak you are!

Meanwhile in Australia

The NWO is of the devil and it hates families and wants to destroy every family. Hence the “Family Court”, abortion, contraception, and day care, divide and conquer by feminism, generational divide etc, the list goes on, all tools to destroy families and to influence people to be just plain too scared to found a family of their own.

NWO Communism in UK

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