Errol Flynn’s yacht

Schwashbuckling Tasmanian Errol Flynn, who was so able to get many girlfriends that the phrase was coined “In like FLynn” to denote chad-like acceptability to females, that Flynn was famous for, was also keen on sailing yachts. For example, Flynn wrote a book based on his sailing adventures called Beam Ends (1937)

picture circa 1925
sail the seven seas on a fast fishing schooner

The original yacht was called ‘Sirocco’ and was 115 feet long. Errol Flynn’s son also had a yacht of the same name, which was 75 foot. Sean Flynn disappeared in Vietnam in the 1960s.

Sean Flynn

Errol Flynn was able to sail the World in this yacht.

Thats a proper boat right there.
the interior of the yacht
In Cuba in the late 1950’s

Errol Flynn claimed ancestry of Fletcher Christian the sailor on The Bounty

Fletcher Christan

Errol Flynn’s yacht

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