is this video legit? Or is it a psyop to create fear-compliance?

A few pivotal videos have emerged from Australia in the last 1.5 years which show basically police brutality of an illegal nature – strangling a girl’s neck, kicking a man in the head, who is already held on the ground, the police who went into a pregnant woman’s home, and now this vid below. They all demonstrate illegal acts by those in uniforms. This is atypical for Australian police. Australian police usually dont do these things. Therefor one has to pose the question: Are these fake staged videos for the purpose of trauma based public behavior control? For example, the vid below, no police wear hats. Is that normal? Isnt a hat part of the uniform. Such videos have a chilling effect. When normal Australians see these videos the elicited response could be such as immense fear – terror, through to anger and also in some a trauma-exhaustion and resultant apathy. Such videos have a powerful affect on the population – and they are often shown on the main stream news to ensure maximum propagation. Could these be essentially false flags? As I find them, Im going to list these pivotal videos here and you can scrutinise them for yourself and see if you can spot any possible irregularities. Keep in mind, the communist NWO’s goal is to eradicate the family and to assert it’s claim to ownership of your children. This is however illegal, yet if the NWO can scare you into compliance with their desire, then they will have perversely manipulated you into consent. Hence the traumatic videos. Watch the vids, but look past the narrative, can you spot any curious things? Why do they have black uniforms? Why do they have high visibility vests with “police” written on them? Why dont they wear hats? Also I cannot see rank epaulets on any of them! They look and sound shonky!

Does this grey haired silent unspeaking assaulter look and sound like a cop to you?

Divide and conquer could be achieved by such heinous videos, because the public would begin to fear and distrust police, while the police – who would also see these videos, would either be silently horrified, or the narcissists among them would salivate like a lizard at the chance to emulate the actions seen in the videos. Meanwhile, reflexively, the cops on the beat would begin to warily regard the public, as they would be experiencing negative attitudes from the public who had seen the videos. At this point it becomes clear that if everyone would just throw their televisions in the bin, and use only their personal experience of the World as the basis to form their opinions, we would have reduced our misunderstandings by a magnitude.

Below is a longer form of the vid. Note how she says why is she under arrest and the pseudo-cop with the grey hair mumbles “for assault” This therefore is not arrest for no mask this is portrayed as that, but they slip in that its for another reason. Long story short, this is one strange video, which presents differently than it surreptitiously admits well into the vid. I know this city very well and in decades never have I seen police in Melbourne behave thus. Something is fishy. I remind you that some drama students in fancy dress could pull off an identical stage play. The NWO has unlimited money and resources and technology: They have the means to fool you! (And the intent).

Conveniently filmed from multiple angles. Curiously the girl’s boyfriend on the street films with his phone but does not voice a complaint as the struggle ensues. He focuses on the action with the detached professionalism of a tv camera man covering the Masters golf tournament. And its on a deserted street, which is ideal for the filming of a drama, where passers-by are less likely to show up. Its just straight up fishy. Evil exists on Earth and one of Evil’s greatest tools is none other than expert century’s-honed trickery. Finally this video surfaced at the beginning of the push to get people to wear masks. It was propagated World-wide and had an immense shocking effect on the public heart, causing people to put on the mask for fear of being fined “$5000 for not wearing a mask”, or to avoid the possibility of being arrested, and not to mention to avoid being assaulted by cops like the girl in the vid. So the effect of the vid was to cause mass public compliance to the mask project.

UPDATE 1 September 2021:

Here is another one. It has the same characteristics as the others. Empty street, no civilians around at all, a woman being brutalised by 17 cops, and a man (bf?) standing by to film, but he’s not too worried, no adrenaline breathing or any distress. Again, this type of video could illicit emotive responses from viewers such as outrage and disgust, leading to further polarised relations and to further fear-based compliance to ‘rules’. Note too – In this vid the cops dont wear hats! A growing number of people regard these vids as scripted and staged. They could be right.

scripted and staged ?

And here is yet another one. These two vids appeared today…. Is that a coincidence?

Ok so in this one I never heard any one of the numerous personnel utter any remark as to what law had been broken by the man. Usually shouldnt the man be told his rights or similar? If this is missing, then does that indicate this is a staged scripted event? Another powerful aspect of the vid is that the karens stand around and chuckle as the man is led down the street. This reinforces the notion that no one is coming to save you, if you are this man. The other aspect of the vids is the ‘swarming from nowhere’ concept. In real life it is unlikely that you will see such a concentration of force in one place and so quickly. Did you see any of the personnel pull out a radio and call for backup? No? Then how did they know to arrive so quickly and in such numbers? These are all similar videos and they offer a powerful (fictional?). But have you EVER seen this in real life with your own eyes? TV screens are prone to fiction after all. What do you believe is going on here?

is this video legit? Or is it a psyop to create fear-compliance?

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