bells palsy? – Poppy illuminati droopy mask connection

The Poppy illuminati clips on Youtube contain a very scary horror mask at the end of one vid. She wears a sagging rotten looking facemask. At the time I wondered what it was depicting. Now that alleged Bell’s Palsy symptoms are showing up everywhere in many people, now the reference of the spooky mask comes into sharp focus. It is a Bell’s Palsy depiction, as well as other things.

Study the mask: One eye open, the other eye half open with the eyelid drooping. The mouth one side drooping, the other less so. The mask clearly demonstrates Bell’s Palsy. It is circa 2016! Further, the next question, is what does the disfigured boil or wart skin represent? I dont know, but I think we will have an answer in the coming months!

Illuminati princess witch “Poppy” provides disclosure of method to you from 2016. The purpose of such disclosures is the idea that you cannot be a victim now that they have told you what they will do to you. If you still accept what they offer, they regard it to be your own free will choice and your own choice. They use such vids to karmically shift the blame from them to you.

bells palsy? – Poppy illuminati droopy mask connection

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