The other side of reiki and yoga

Are these things really that bad? Yes.

So Reiki is a New Age practice that many people, mostly women get into. It is all about ‘healing hands’, using hand energy contact to heal people: Like fixing problems. Possibly it is initially attractive because to a welfare dependent, divorced and alone middle aged woman it may seem like an avenue to regain power over their own life and to be regarded as an important ‘healer’ in their peer group. To a science based person Reiki, at first glance, seems like embarrassing rubbish, like a hobby that is obviously without any kind of basis in truth science or reality. Like larping or cosplay, like radical subjectivity. The rational person never says “Is Reiki harmful?”, instead he says “Man, Im so embarrassed that my formerly smart mum, sister wife etc is doing this silly hobby”.

From the starting of being involved in Reiki, it may likely take more than a decade to see things come into sharp focus as to the fallout of Reiki and the problems it causes.

For example, the welfare dependant woman I mentioned above: She is in her 60s has three adult children, divorced. Her and the adult kids mostly get on and they do have a relationship, getting together for Christmas, some birthdays and some social things. She gets into Reiki, becomes a Reiki Master, has clients and a small business, inherits a million dollars from a relative she never liked or spoke to, buys property and sees it double and triple in price, is in wealth and her health is great, no problems at all. Everything is great.

At first I was like

But as the woman’s personal success unexpectedly and eerily grows without any precedent, take a look at her kids. They arent doing so well. The two sons dont have wives, no kids, solitary, they are smart men but they cant seem to catch a break or get a chance to fully utilise their talent and potential. The daughter gets progressively highly strung and has material and family success, but it seems like its built on thin ice. None of the siblings talk to each other, they all distrust each other. Few talk to the woman. The fathers are dead or long gone. One son has a health problem that mysteriously began when the Reiki began, it is as though his spiritual energy has been siphoned-off by an energy vampire. He is failing in life, but not for lack of trying. The other son, who could have been a high achiever, self erases with alcohol, he is in permanent arrested development. The daughter grows more and more nasty and evil as time progresses.

But then I was like

Surely a woman’s primary hope would be the success of her children? So after 10 or 15 years of Reiki, here we have a result. Our Reiki Master in all her perpetual calmness and contentedness, and we have her children, whose lives are quite malformed, if not destroyed. At the start was a functioning family unit, mostly with no problems. At the end as you saw, is a family no more. This is Reiki. And remember that Reiki’s stated purpose is to heal sickness and bad problems!

avoid reiki & yoga

The other side of reiki and yoga

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