Australian Highland cabins

Great Dividing Range

The area marked in yellow is called The Great Dividing Range. It is a mountain range that runs North South along the East coast of Australia and at the bottom the range turns West towards South Australia. The highest point is in the South at Mount Kosciuszko, which is the highest land elevation in Australia. It is 7300 feet high. It is located in the Snowy Mountains area. They say Australia is the flattest and driest continent on Earth, but then there is this big mountain range. The big river called the Murray River, which is 2508 kilometers long, starts near Mt, Kosciuszko and flows West all the way to the sea. The big river called the Darling River, which is 1472km long, also begins at the Great Dividing Range, albeit further North than the Murray River. Both rivers start on the Great Dividing Range, indicating the Great Range must be a source of water. They say there are 15000 wild horses in the Snowy Mountains. They call these horses ‘Brumbies’. There are many deer and kangaroos there too. The famous poem ‘The man from Snowy River’ by Banjo Patterson, is relating to this area. The area is also associated with highland cattle grazing. Further North in Queensland, where the climate tends to be tropical, the Great Dividing Range still retains some coolness, from being at high elevation and there are pine trees in the otherwise tropical state. One agricultural problem in Australia is the lack of creeks and rivers. However, the Great Dividing Range looks to have many creeks and rivers flowing into the deep ravines and valleys of the mountainous terrain.

The two rivers the Murray and the Darling begin at the Great Dividing Range and flow West.

Australian Highland cabins

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