Archery tips

Arrows are expensive, dont break them dont lose them.

A practice target is required to protect your arrows. Like me if you dont wanna fork out for a purpose made target, you can improvise.

A bulk toilet paper pack, such as befits 1 foot X 1 foot X 1 foot, or larger, is a great start.

The idea of good targets, is to decelerate your arrow as slowly as possible, while stopping your arrow, before it’s fletchers contact the target. This way the arrow head wont get smashed, the shaft dont get bent or stress fractured and the leading edge of the fletchers do not start to peel back.

your arrow will be destroyed by tree roots and trees, as well as rocks. its not a good idea to have trees behind your target.

when shooting higher poundages, such as 70 pounds, the arrow can carry much energy and if it hits a hard object its as good as money down the drain.

Its a good idea to have two sight pins, one at 20 meters, the other at 60 meters. and make sure they are tweaked to enough precision that you can hit the target from those ranges with the pin on the target center. you can raise or lower your aim for ranges outside of those two settings as required. Finally dont use broadheads on the practice target, keep them for hunting.

Archery tips

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