picture say 2000 word

picture say 2000 word

Snakes that I have seen this year

Snakes that I have seen this year

Red Bellied Black Snake

I saw one at the end of a log near my footpath, he retreated further into the log
wiki said red bellies give birth to live young

Yellow Bellied Black Snake

Internet says theres no actual snake called a yellow bellied black snake, and that they are Tiger snakes. However the yellow belly I saw had no stripes.

Here are yellow Tigers for comparison:

so i guess i saw a yellow tiger snake
they say these tigers are agressive snakes, but the one i saw was chill AF.

black snake

ive seen two of these in the last approximately 2 months
one was on a grass covered vehicle track

the other was behind a grass tussock and fled under a rock when I was 2 feet away, and i only noticed it when it was on the move. it went under a log. snakes love to hang around hollow logs in my experience.

brown snake

they are hard to spot
their colour is so well-fitting into the leaves and dirt
they tounges flicker, to sample the air rapidly
be careful around logs, she could be in the log or around the log in the leaves *look closely before going near a log*
hiss slither

with all the colours and patterns these Australian snakes are very pretty, but also hideous and terrible. at the same time. They are hard to look at no?, like Medusa yes?


my remarks on snakes: