Happy New Year: White people get your shit together.

Remember your ancestors.

This white girl produced a niglet
this white woman has a demon in her heart.
but it was a different story in the olden days. This frau’s heart is demon-free.
people were legendary
Italian peasants
Dutch kitchen evening, 1600s
Rare surviving Third Reich painting: most of this art was burnt by the Allies and is lost to history. Some that remains is held tightly in secret military bunkers in the USA.
A mediterranean girl
returned home
a saucy sailor
erotic beauty
A Hungarian beauty
Work in the fields Austria
Our happy family, Italy
The Music Room, Romania
My trophy
Smugglers! Austria
USA no doubt
An angel who is sewing grain
Joan of Arc
cats, UK
Sad Goodbye, Australia
real food
she has a fish in a net
one of the World Wars
In the Adriatic no doubt
Gleaning – its where you go into fields and look for food.
Bavarian farmers 1938
A social visit
In the Study
He lifted up her soul
reading by a lamp
A Greek girl
Going for a walk
A difficult journey, Russia
A beauty of Finland 1883
A show involving a poodle a woman and a monkey
doing some unknown work process
For the Kings of Scotland
A courier, WW1
such comfort
A soldier
Christmas roast beef, USA
entering the psyche
Helenic oracle
Back to the homstead, USA
Nursery in Holland
a beauty
a praying beauty
The daughter of the King
A fair maiden
A decision
An orange grove, France
A market scene, Portugal
Siegfried and Brunhilde
Old woman prays, 1600’s
The news has arrived
a beauty in a garden
A giant, Russia
An idylic scene

Happy New Year: White people get your shit together.

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