Arrows With Offset Vanes – Fly Straight As An Arrow

Arrows With Offset Vanes – Fly Straight As An Arrow

offset vanes for straight flight

The vanes flecthing needs to have offset of 4 degrees so as to spin the arrow. Also the length of each vane should be three inches or more up to five inches. There should be three vanes total. This configuration can spin a heavy hunting arrow with minimal FPS loss from vane drag. This arrow flies straight and true. Even at long distance such as 60 metres, your arrow will stay straightened up and flying right.

The above is worth mentioning because archery shops do sell straight vaned arrows. These straight vanes are very bad, and innacurate, because they dont spin the arrow. So after 40 metres the arrow goes hay-wire and does whatever tickles its fancy, which is usually a sharp veering to some meters away from the target or suddenly nosediving short of the target. At 60 metres range a straight vane arrow will have no chance but pot luck of actually hitting the target.

At the archery shop or buying online, check the vane config is offset first before purchase. You want your arrow to fly straight and true across every range including 60-80 metres.

You can visually check the vanes and make sure they are offset.



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