Rennaissance Art Composition

Michelangelo Self Portrait

So Michelangelo was a genius universally talented artist. Fact is the dude spent a lot of his time painting and sculpting imagery of nude dudes.

But he did architecture and even medical imagery from cadaver autopsy.

In this famous painting on the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel, Michelangelo had depicted god giving the divine spark to Adam. Art composition purposely makes an arrangement of selected things to make a fun way of presenting deeper meaning in an image, seemingly hidden in plain sight.

Take a close look at God in the image, taken as a whole God plus the angelic background form what some say is a human brain in profile. Further, God reaches out through the part of the brain where the pineal gland would be – the third eye, the seat of spirituality in the human brain (And if you drink fluoride tap water yours is decommissioned…).

So for those who see it theres much to behold from such exquisitely compositioned rennaissance art composition.

Now you see it

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci another universal genius of the rennaissance, painted the Mona Lisa.

what can be seen?

A wealthy silk merchant commissioned this painting of his wife, yet DaVinci never handed it over, instead keeping it for himself and continuously perfecting it – so you know it was a big deal. But what is the composition here?

The composition of Mona Lisa is less clear than the brain example, but a ‘enigmatic smile’ can be seen and impish eyes.

One wonders what this spicy broad would say if she might speak.

Rennaissance Art Composition

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