Honda EU10i

So im getting a generator.

Honda inverter generators are useful because you can safely run computers off them, without damaging the microchips.

The Hondas are known to be the best, thus they cost more, but they deliver on petformance. Power from the mains in your house is less pure than power from Honda generators. You get a 4 year warrantee. this one rhe EU10i produces 1000 watts of electric power, 900w continuous. Its as close to pure sine wave as you can get, so that is reslly good news for running sensitive electronics. Apparently 1 tank of 2 litres of fuel can last up to 8 hours at 1/4 power.

I run only solar, so this gen set will help in the winter. I hate the modern age but I love the consumer tech thats available these days, it allows one to really fully customize location and amenity of lifestyle – quality of life. In Australia this one retails for around $1400aud. The bigger one is the EU22i, it costs a grand more, but produces 2200 Watts and could probably power a kitchen kettle for example.

Honda EU10i Inverter Generator

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