Greta & the NWO are invincible

Scary stuff. There was a false flag shooting yesterday in America, the alleged shooters surname ‘Peyton Gendrun‘ was an anagram for ‘gunned’ and ‘gunner’! This synthetic event was obviously directed by the same Hollywood film director as the Christchurch mosk false flag (Quentin Tarrantino perhaps?), the two performances share many hallmarks. For example: the Christchurch and the Peyton shooting both had a black ‘battle rifle’ with what looks like white out pen used to draw white writing on the black rifle. The writing is such things as Nordic alphabet runes. Please dear reader, ‘connect the dots’ and note that the CIA Mossad terrorist front group Isis, also had a highly media publicised black flag with white writing on it. In this way the directors of both false flags have sought to falsly connect white resistance with the Islamic terrorism psyop in the minds of the normie CNN news consumer. The NWO strategise to cause white people to hate themselves. Please note these things and dont forget them, because they are the foundation of the anti-white scam. Perhaps they used Unreal engine 5.

Its also obvious the anti-white media propagated false flags are going to intensify as the NWO Bankster Communists attempt to falsly synonymise white survival with the Islamic terrorism psyop and so guilt trip white normies into disarming, race mixing and general demoralisation, leading to complete utter white loss of white territory and correspondingly white genocide. Its South Africa 2.0.

Nobody on Earth has a surname Gendrun, it is a made-up surname.

the surname was made up! It was an anagram of ‘gunner’ & ‘gunned’. OBVIOUS FALSE FLAG!

Peyton Manning
white good goy super star Peyton’s name was dragged into this psyop by the script writers who crafted it.

Also the alleged shooters first name was ‘Payton’. This is also a defamation of white peoples highly regarded celebrities, because highly regarded NFL footballer Peyton Manning’s first name has been stolen and used in this false flag to further demonise white warrior archetype.

Im surprised the script writers didnt just call the shooter straight up Tom Brady

Remember Apartide South Africa? When the country was gifted to niggers, the whites ultimately refused to resist because white Soth Africans had been psychologically conditioned to ‘not be racist’, and so they gave up without resisting.

Today South Africa is a ‘no-go zone’ owing to its high levels of failed nigger state crime and big time ongoing persecution of the white minority population. My message to Americans: Dont give up your guns, your daughters or your will to resist, and do not let CNN guilt trip you into self hatred.

Europe, UK & British Commonwealth, United States: If you cuck-out this time, you WILL be exterminated by the NWO, which has proven virulently anti-white in nature.

The Squadron Lion

War is danger, cowardice is safety, yet ultimately cowardice costs you everything. And dont forget, Christianity says cowardice is a virtue and those who sin go to hell. So the coward can gain access to heavan once his Earth has become slave hell caused by his belief system. You owe more to the genuine here and now than the alleged and unproven after life. The real white people around you today need you more than heavan does!

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