Its The Final Countdown

Current year: Clown World. Status: FUBAR. Weird shit happening eryday: check.

So some sky writing of electronic precision showed up in the sky above Hamburg, it spelled “final Countdown”. What was this exactly?

Could be edgelords displaying their latest drone sky-writing capability, could be related to a sporting event or hype for a TV show, or something sinister.

The dotted font looks electronically controlled to me, it has the look of perfection one cannot achieve with a traditional aeroplane sky writing set up.

So it looks to be latest technology for sky writing.

If it was planes and since practically all Europe is controlled airspace, that means there would have been flight plans lodged and they might probably say who did the flight. What did they mean by that “final countdown”? To what?, Eurovision or some shit or a Terminator 2 nuclear World war 3.

Its The Final Countdown

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