Miss Congeniality

Cannibalism agenda

At first I was like

I always suspected

but then I was like

On Ellen DeGenerate

Cannibalism agenda

Did you know that there is dead baby parts in the ingrediants of many known and trusted consumer products, including cosmetics food and beverage? Here Miss Congeniality is promoting this kind of product, which is a dehumanisation of people and a disrespect for human life and its the gateway to cannibalism. CANNIBALISM. Yes there is a agenda to get everybody comfortable with consuming other human beings. For example the Covid19 vaccine has dead babies in it, and so too does Pepsi and Snickers. Please note it didnt used to be this way. Snickers and Pepsi didnt used to have this dead human remains in them, BUT THEY DO NOW. Until such day as we get control of our corporations back, we must avoid consuming many of their products, so as to avoid the cannibalism agenda.

They are sneaky but I spot all their cloaking very easily and I always suspected, but here is some proof, they are very sneaky, but I am sneakier.

We can conclude that the state is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. The State is indispensable when it comes to forming a higher human civilization, but the State is not the cause of that higher civilization. The civilization depends exclusively on the existence of a race capable of creating that culture. There might be hundreds of states on earth which are excellent models of government, but if the Aryan bearer of civilization were to die out, no culture could continue to exist, at least not a culture that would match the intellectual level of the advanced peoples of today.