Russia Of Tsar Nicholas II

Before the Bolsheviks took over Tsar Nicholas’ Russia and destroyed he she was the bread basket of the world, it produced more food than America, Canada and Argentina combined. Tsarist Russia was a perfect ‘Autarky’ (self-sufficient)

1913 Russia food production
>42.3% of the world’s Barley
>30.3% of the world’s Oats
>67.% of the world’s Rye
>31.2% of the world’s Wheat 
>80% of the world’s flax 
>50% of the world’s egg 

Mining and industrial output, (1880 and 1917) 
>Coal production increased from 259.6 million poods 11141 to 2,159.8 million poods. 
>Cast iron production rose from 25 million poods in 1890 to 1,378 million poods in 1913 and 
>Petroleum production rose from 491.2 million poods in 1906 to 602.1 
million poods in 1916. 
>More than half the world’s horses at 37.5 million 
>Industrial output grew by 3.5% per annum in Russia compared to 1% UK, 2.75% US.
>Industrial production quadrupled, 80% of all it’s goods manufacturer internally (self-reliant) 
>Gross Domestic Product averaged 10% per annum. 

*poods = 16.38kg (Russian measurement)

>Between 1906 and 1914 10,000 schools were opened annually.
>Education was free, with only small nominal fees at University
>Child labour was abolished over 100 years before it was abolished in Great Britain in 1867.
>Russia was the first industrialised country to pass laws limiting the hours of work in factories and mines.
>Trade union rights were recognized in 1906
>“the Emperor of Russia has passed workers’legislation which was nearer to perfection than that of any democratic country.” — President William Taft (27th President of US)
>Majesty Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1917) and his state bank had created a workers’ paradise that was unrivaled in the history of mankind
>Tsarist Russia was the most fiscally healthy in the world
>By 1914 the surplus on the budget account was 512 million gold rubles and there was no increase in taxation

Gold Reserves

The State Bank of the Russian Empire 
>Gold 1,550 
>Notes 1,494
Banque de France (Central bank) 
>Gold 1,193 
>Notes 2,196
Reichsbank (Central bank) 
>Gold 411 
>Notes 930
Bank of England (Central bank) 
>Gold 331 
>Notes 263

Russia Of Tsar Nicholas II

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