my conclusion: the rosicrucians demolished their own monument today.

shits about to get epic-weird

Ok I just wanna say its been a wild news-day with the guidestones being exploded then swiftly folliwed up by bulldozing. But the big conclusion ive come to after listening to others points of view and looking at the availabke info, is that the bad guys did this to their own monument, because they dont need it anymore, it served its purpose, now they are even more emboldened to go full retard with their genocide bullshit, you will see, the bad World events will quicken and shit will get real.

FYI there was significant 322 and other numerology associated with this event and many strange coincidences, which many people noticed such as it being George Bushes birthday and also apparently 322 days between bill gates father passing away and his birthday – the rabbit hole is endless on this one.

My intuition tells me today’s Georgia Guidestone demolishment heralds the beginning proper of the genocidal depopulation wave.

my conclusion: the rosicrucians demolished their own monument today.

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