The absolute state of Europe

Shitskin gang-attack on 17 year old – attempted murder hate crime, will not be punished or followed up at all by British Police, they HATE white people and LOVE the INVADERS. Also, White man, I dont see you fighting for your life in this vid, break free from the propaganda that makes you so guilt-ridden, that you wont even defend yourself whilst being murdered by a gang of shitskins. By the way even when I was 14, I was big enough and skilled enough to defeat this gang of faggots single handed, what you see here is soy-cuck versus invaders, its sad. PS you should probably not watch this video, it is veryy distressing, but the point is the UK is completely overrun by foreign invader hordes, that intend to conquer, while the brainwashed indigenous British men stand by and smile and welcome with open arms and offer a nice hug to the Orcs. Its all Europe-wide and its all COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!

Meanwhile in Sweden: Swedish Police SWATTING Swede for no reason. You can really see the Western states have an anti-white agenda, Police FULL ON SWATTING of indigenous Europeans, while same Police full support to shitskinn invading murderers. This is a policy of white genocide. It is clear.

The absolute state of Europe

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