South Africa

“Think of australia except its the twilight zone and filled with niggers and dead babies and child rape on the streets, where every traffic light stop is a potential robber smashing your car window with a spark plug and killing your family. Plus a bunch of mentally insane liberal whites who worship blacks and pretend none of this happens even though it happens in front of them on a daily basis. Where the nation president can’t process grade 3 maths. Where rates of rape, child rape and baby rape are highest on earth, so high that scientists at Cape Town university have been able to deduce correlation between rape frequency and the air temperature. A place where people skin you alive and set tires on fire around your children and rape you with metal pipes. A place where shopping centres are swarmed by hordes of laughing hooting looters while police beat bystanders to death for calling for help. That’s South Africa.”

South Africa

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