A VERY Interesting Article!!!

Your future, normie scum vaxtardo

The social credit score has three tiers. Slmost sll politicisns and movie stars are “Sovereign”, most people are “common”, the threats are “quarantine”. The Soveriegns get HUGE bank balances (Tucker Carlson $500 million), and are exempt from vaccines and carbon tax.

The Sovereign accounts of the rich and powerful exposed

it was posted 9 days ago,

What do I think of this? Its too early to say fir sure either way, but right now its compelling news and its in your interest to know it so im posting it. Yes it could turn out as more shill crsp just like ‘Q’, but could also be legit.

Does seem a bit deflating, that the touted solution is to move everyones accounts to soveriegn, instead of just sledge hammering the whole beastly system.

A VERY Interesting Article!!!

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