Vax Death?

High-G’s, A Vaxxed-Up pilot who’s cardio-vascular system is full of clotting and graphene oxide…Recipe for cardiac arrest.

P51B Mustang D-Day (IL-2 Normandy)

John Amery Interview (1944)

When you’ve never been vaccinated…

Vaxxiieeessss Arreee Youuuu Auuutttiissstiiccccc Inn Thheee Bbrraaiiinn??????????

Dunning-Kruger Effect & The Reason Why Low-IQ People Are So Confident (Stefan Molyneux)

Shes right about one thing: We’re in the final stages of genocide and the whole Western World is in DENIAL.

Robotoid Or Clone Malfunction? They Want Your Soul And They Say Free Will Is Over


Joachim Von Ribbentrop explains the German invasion of the Soviet Union

David Irving At The University Of Alabama (1994)

Uwe Börner Interviews Udo Walendy (1985)

Junge Adler (1944)

Vax Death?

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