The More They Ban The LOUDER I GET – An Order Of Magnitude Louder.

OMG He doesnt worship Niggers like we all do here in the States, like OMG I’m So Trig….REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Banning is a tool of the Left – Conservatives seldom seek to deplatform their enemies.

Because deplatforming is associated with attempts to silence critics, deplatforming has become known as de facto censorship.

I personally trust the most, those internet personalities who have been already banned off big tech sites. Being banned is associated with being trustworthy – being “legit”, real, honest, truthful, worth listening to.

Further an individuals prestige is not to be found in their level of Big Tech platform access, or their blue check mark, but rather is found in their charisma, honesty and intensity.

Those who seek to ban others, may be attempting to silence someone else’s free speech, so as to conceal their own moral and ethical shortcomings.

To be known as a banner, is actually a negative impact on one’s reputation. I might add, I have never in my life appealed to big tech sites to ban my opponents and I probably never will. I also do not recognise any authority vested in big tech ban decision makers. They follow anti-human directives and have no credibility with me and many others. If I don’t give you the mandate then you dont have it, basically.

Further, the majority of internet personalities who I admire, have all been repeatedly attacked and deplatformed, yet they still have a voice which reaches many.

The most influential people today, are the most deplatformed.

Currently, nobody can be 100% deplatformed off the internet. One can still have a voice, even if deplatformed off 90% of big tech sites, such as Youtube, Facebook etc etc etc.

The Streisand effect can happen, where those that make moves to silence and deplatform: end up becoming well known for their desire to ban censor and deplatform others.

it may look like a winning tool, but actually its a reliable way to get yourself a reputation as a dickhead.

Its an Obi-Wan Vs Darth Vader situation. Darth does not win even though he strikes Obi-Wan down. You’ve got no decent argument against what I’m saying; so you’ll resort to silencing my message. Truth Versus Lies, fundamentally. that’s the bottom line.

Whoever gives you advice to have somebody banned, is a dickhead who might end up causing you to be quite famous for trying to ban others. Yes you can succeed in banning one man, but then in time thousands of people may come to know it was you, and then how will you feel?

Be careful who you take your advice from. Banning your foes can be bad for your online image. He who encourages you to ban your enemies, is your enemy. Its not a very bright idea.

Big tech sites are all of them, of the New World Order and actively promote snitch culture. This is a methodology to control you and me and to punish those who are non conformists to the NWO agenda.

The moral authority is usually with those who do not conform. Deplatforming is usually a sign of an individual’s high caliber and strong ethical core. Conversely, big tech sites are increasingly regarded as the forces of darkness.

Deplatforming is dishonest, passive aggressive, and may bring lasting notoriety even infamy to those who use it to silence people they dislike.

The More They Ban The LOUDER I GET

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