Arianne Scharfi Dog Whistling Documentary

Female Jezebel Spirit Narcissism – scharfi documentary ReUp to YT

What does female narcissism look like? It is on display here. When I made this documentary I kept an open mind, I concluded it was a mystery why she was doing this mimicking behaviour. Since then I have discovered Arianne Scharfi is a narcissist and is also Autism Spectrum Disorder with Traits of Schizoid Personality Disorder. This vid was deleted by YT at Scharfi’s insistence, on basis of “privacy”. Well all the info herein is publicly available and placed on the net by Scharfi herself. Scharfi makes online content, if she doesnt want criticism she shouldnt make online content. And for those of you who may be white knights and watch for 3.5 minutes and then down vote, well good riddance. Most people with average pattern recognition skills will need to watch the whole thing (65 minutes).

This documentary demonstrates how Arianne Scharfi ‘coincidence communicates’ with many similarities between my website content and her following video and song content. I call this dog whistling. It is a form of communication which affords the sender plausible deniability. This is useful either for playing mind games, or for conversely communicating with a level of safety, in earnest, in a potentially hostile environment.

Well that lasted 11 days on ultra – feminist white knight YT. kek. (deleted by youtube)

my reaction to my arianne scharfi dog whistling documentary being deleted by youtube

Arianne Scharfi Dog Whistling Documentary

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