burning the toast is one thing, but burning the rice – thats something else.

I gave both these videos a thumbs up, and the forest background one got a whopping 20k views on bitchute – thats a smash hit. Clearly the subject matter and the visual composition and meme culture interlaced themes resonated strongly with the audience.

However that comment section is still turned off. I recommend a full discourse on the yellow fever situation, which could prove cathartic for the audience and possibly the comment section could be on again.

In my considered opinion, Western females are beginning to jump ship to the asian side as they intuitively know the West (at this stage) is looking doomed and the historical data backs up this sentiment: The Georgia Guidestones promises a World population around 500 million people. The NWO documents have indicated the desired end-state of humanity being 1 million people only left on Earth as servants to the elites, the 1 million being half of them Chinese and the other half Japanese, owing to their regimented lifestyle and subservient character. (unlike whites).

The women sense the shift and Ive seen more than one beauty opt for yellow fever. Given that asian men are factually so unattractive to white women, and have fundamentally feminine energy, it is trully remarkable that Western women have started marrying them and producing offspring of half rice nig variety. The CIA World Fact Book lists asian penis length, for example, at average 4 inches. That white woman would cling to that life raft shows how trully desperate they are to escape and survive the titanic sinking of the Western World.

Historically Western women would not do this, so what has changed? I believe the women propagandised though they are, have chosen yellow as a means to survive the impending destruction of the West.

Finally take heed of the eery quote from Australian (first) Prime Minister Sir Edmond Barton: He basically said in the future white women will intermarry with the chinks because the chinks will be rich. Barton could be a time traveller. A Time Lord if you will.

During Federation Barton said this:

“The doctrine of the equality of man was never intended to apply to the equality of the Englishman and the Chinaman. There is a deep-set difference, and we see no prospect and no promise of its ever being effaced. Nothing in this world can put these two races upon an equality [sic]. Nothing we can do by cultivation, by refinement, or by anything else will make some races equal to others.”

Very well. But Barton later said this in a speech: (quoting a British author called Pearson)

by Pearson, “white men” would wake to fi nd themselves “elbowed and hustled, and perhaps even thrust aside by peoples whom we have looked down upon as servile and thought of as bound always to minister to our needs. The solitary consolation will be that the changes have been inevitable.”

I personally dont think the changes are innevitable, no matter how grim it all looks today here in 2022, I feel the disaster can be resoundingly reversed for the entire West, nothing innevitable.

burning the toast is one thing, but burning the rice – thats something else.

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