The Bad Effect Of Youtube Shadow Banning A Channel

26 views per day Versus 5000 views per day

This is Zetexy, one of the original and most talented cinematic IL-2 Great Battles channels on Youtube. However Youtube in their insanity has hidden this channel from most viewers. This is called “shadow Banning” and in my opinion it is illegal discrimination. Such practices should be outlawed. My own Youtube channel FroggyFrog9000 is also shadow banned. I wish to starkly illustrate the effect of shadow banning, by demonstrating the sharp drop in views On Zetexy on these two excellent videos below. You can see one of the old videos has like a million views. By comparison the latest video has 5000 views since release 4 months ago. Also this channel has around 65,000 subscribers, but should have more like 1 million subscribers, in my estimation. Youtube truly stifles and de-incentivizes creativity. This is mathematically 26 views per day on the 5000 view vid, in comparison to 5000 views per day on the 11 million view vid. The monstrous result of shadow banning is demonstrable here, clearly.

11 Million Views since 6 years ago

5.6K views, since 4 months ago

The Bad Effect Of Youtube Shadow Banning A Channel

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