ants and animals going in circles

phone call makes ants circle around in hive-mind.

animals all circling around in hive-mind control, vids surfacing mid late November.

I should add there is new and growing footage online of people turning right and collapsing in (death?) certainly one Turk bus driver crashing, one Indian falling under a train, plenty of Chinks doing same, including one Indian who looked like he had seen something we couldnt see and was fighting it off. Hitherto I have considered these a theatrical psyop, since most of them came out of China and the chink ones all had a distinct ‘theatrical’ appearance to them, like they had hired dance students to act them out. Great ballet foot work and such. But yeh.

Finally theres the John Cusack movie I think its “Cell”, which its theme is like the animals circling only its humans activated by their phones. Also apparently in Frozen II or 3 theres a scene with circling raindeer herds.

Something is going on.

And important: watch this talk, Ive seen this guy on a documentary, dont know who this is but always great education on this topic.

How microwave radiation effects humans & nature

I mean lets face it, if you turn the Wifi off you sleep better. And we all know that is just the tip of the iceberg.

ants and animals going in circles

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