10 Female Autistic Traits | AUTISM IN GIRLS

Ask an Autistic #18 – What is Echolalia?

Communicating by lyrics and quotes

Autistic Stimming

Autism Deep Dive & Dangerous Canoe River Adventure Part 1

On 2nd December 2022 I took a canoe trip down a mountain river, for 12.5km. It was a fun but dangerous trip. It took around 4 hours on the river, but only the first 45 minutes or so are in this vid, since the camera wasnt able to keep running after that. I talk about some of the key characteristics that some autistic people experience, and give some opinions on how autistic people might improve their circumstance.
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Autism Deep Dive Part 2 – The New Man, Freemasons, Vaccines, Big Pharma, Slave Worker Personalities

I break down autism further, looking at autism in different contexts, such as the New World Order’s and the Freemasons “New Man” concept they have been working towards for a long time, and the culture of blind acceptance of Big Pharma and doctors’ word in America particularly, with anti depressant ‘medication’ such as SSRIs and the like. The characteristics of Autistic personality traits compared to new man ideal worker slave characteristics, as described in Brave New World novel circa 1936 by Aldous Huxley. Clearly Huxley was ‘in on it’ and the plans he and others created back then have resulted in today’s artificial culture that we are stuck in, including the hyper-sexualised, low-birthrate status of white people today. OCD and how it has a nurture rather than nature cause and how pharma meds are a bad idea in favour of separation from the narcissistic cause of the anxiety driven OCD. I describe the difference between good medicine that cures, compared to big pharma poison designed to treat but not cure. Factory produced, parentless human beings version 2.0. Autism Deep Dive Part 1

Autism Deep Dive Part 3: Autism LGBTQI++ CV19 Vax Manufactured Consent Propaganda NWO Connection

10 Female Autistic Traits | AUTISM IN GIRLS

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