Blue Heelers Psyop

In short the Chinchilla, Queensland shooting of two young puppy loving cops and a good samaritan busy body neighbor who looked like a legendary Qld rugby coach, is nothing short of a trauma bond of the public masses with the Australian police, brought about by the apparent massacre of identical country cops as to the cast of famous and much loved TV show “Blue Healers”. Since Corona savagery, cops have a bad reputation for physical brutality, this psyop will reposition then in the publics perception, in a sympathetic light, and also bring in new laws to ban this and that, most likely guns, free speech online and criticising authority. as well as paving the way for digital id required to do anything be it go on internet or visit a doctor. no digi id, no buy no sell, mark of the beast no less.

Blue Heelers Lisa McCune

puppies, cops – two puppies actually
puppies cops and the evil prepper

The Busy Body Neighbor modeled on the famous Queensland rugby coach

same same Green white red shirt, bald head, similar expression and face. similar age brackets.

A character in the shooting narrative script, was modeled on this former champion rugby coach

Would You Trust This Man?

“Would you trust this man?” demonising white men who are preppers (‘train’ ing) who have beards and short hair. Note the included yellow plaque teeth for further white man demonisation. This is very likely a CGI image of a person that probably never existed, the authors creating from scratch the perfect roughian visage for the news papers to diseminate to the trusting normies of Australia.

‘Train” is a synonym for “Prepare” as in ‘Prepper’. ie the bad guy called train must be a prepper, thus preppers must be bad. See how that narrative flow works?

preppers ‘Train’ for apocalypse
Stacey – A typical white womans name, (similar effect to ‘karen’) to further demonise white women who are traditional, The neighbor surname ‘Dare’ shot by ‘Train’ came to investigate ‘smoke’ and where theres smoke theres fire, right???, the media accredits sympathy to the busy body character in this educational slander saga. – ‘he came over to (snoop on preppers next door) help’ The main female hero is a Lisa McCune dead ringer called Rachel McCrow. McCrow = McCune. Both hold puppies and McCune’s cop show on TV was called Blue Healers – A Blue Healer is a famous Australian breed of farm sheep dog. THIS IS A CLEAR SCRIPTED PSYOP.

Further, the bad woman called Stacey fired from her job as a teacher for declining the corona virus vaccine: Thus the story also demonises anti vaxers. what a surprise. lol.

The brother and the sister (in law). The story unfolds as a love triangle that implies incest because two brothers had the same woman, further demonising mono culture white australia. this story implies clustered values or attributes such as ‘deviant’ sexuality, associated with ant vax stance. That part of this news item will be particularly effective at panic pressuring women into publically denying and disavowing association with anti vax views, for subconscious fear of being labelled ‘deviant’, despite our artificial culture swamping us in the worst deviant sexuality one can imagine, and then associating it with wholesomness, power and corporate consumer goods.

McCune Versus McCrow

Lisa McCune

Rachel McCrow

And all the action took place calendar-wise, very close to the occult significant date of 12-12-2022.

Bottom line: Its a Psyop to send thematic message to subconsciouss of Aussie public: “Cops love puppies and look nice and trustworthy, preppers look untrustorthy and deserve your neighbourly busy body suspicion, The entire cast of Blue Heelers suffered an unspeakable tragedy at the hands of evil bearded white men in their Branch Davidian style fortified compound, you dear public should deeply distrust and discriminate against sovereign citizen types, they are literally criminal murderers of the most dastardly kind who stop at nothing to drown puppies for enjoyment.” end of media’s message to Aussie peoples’ subconscious.

Dont fall for this scripted story guys, they took the guns in 96, using an identical caper, this time theyll take YOU white man and woman. Now heres the kicker: Many cops being hired today look just like that evil train prep character, but in real life, not CGI fake imagery, they have that same deranged thug look but they carry real body armor and machine guns and often have the same morality as the pigs in ‘Animal Farm’, ie stalinistic criminals in uniforms. Many cops irl are indestinguishable from the thug in this story, minus the beard of course. point is this story is an inversion of truth, highly suspect and probably put together by script writers, such as Tavistock institute, for the purpose of shaping (manipulating) public opinion, into demonising the very people who bring truth and honor to the table ie white australian truthers, preppers sovereign citizens, etc. This news story slanders these people. Oh and by the way, are you ready to be snapped out of the Blue Healers Psyop yet? Ok, heres a real life cop with a real life puppy:

Blue Heelers Psyop

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