Autism With Overlap Of Schizoid Personality

Apparently an individual cant have both Autism and Schizoid at the same time, however they CAN have Autism with MANY of the characteristics included from Schizoid. For example Schizoids have anhedonia and care little for any thing, however a autist with many schizoid characteristics may still have a special interest, of intense interest and passion dedication over years.

So a Autist with Schizoid overlap is more reachable by humans than a pure schizoid.

Further, Schizoid characteristics are part of a series of three sub categories of ‘Cluster A’ personality disorders. Interestingly, one of the other two (Paranoid and Schizotypal), Paranoid contains a characteristic of PROJECTION. In my opinion it is likely that a Autist with Schizoid overlap can also – while not being Paranoid category, none the less, have the Projection aspect. Projection being a coping mechanism. Those who are aware of their disorder after having learnt about it, in my opinion, would be less likely to project, having somewhat integrated their shadow as Carl Jung might say about this. I speculate that projection is an indicator of either, unawareness or denial, or both. And so it must be a healthy thing to become aware and to cease denial. Denial features throughout these various sub categories and traits for example, in Erotomania (A trait of Schizoid) denial features prominently. They say that jut about all autists have experienced trauma and this often leads to dissociated – fragmented identity, sort of like a hard drive partitioned to have separate storage areas. So in this instance I would argue that the confronting of painful truth could only effectively be achieved in the corresponding ‘alter’. If some cognitive therapy or even some mushroom trip was to take place by the incorrect alter, then the in-denial partition of the overall identity would not receive the healing. The best approach would be for identical cognitive or other therapies to be undertaken by all alters. Because if all aspects of the identity are aware of the Aspergers with Schizoid overlap, then where could denial hide? nowhere, it would be processed.

Autism with overlap Schizoid characteristics.

Autism With Overlap Of Schizoid Personality

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