4 thoughts on “Wiggers

  1. Wiggers and assorted wiggerisms (behavior and language used in everyday speech among men and women, both,) are telltale social signs of western cultural rot. This generation is a dead end.

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    • Yeh man we have a problem, the kalergi plan and its deciples make multiple clear statements that they will destroy ‘whiteness’ in Europe and USA etc, and this wigger crap is part of that. They intend that in our time, whites go extinct. And when I point it out to whites they run for the hills, they get upset at me, they act as though ive spoken some taboo.

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      • I get the same reaction. Whites are demoralized (per Bezemov), and are therefore unable to identify savages or barbarism, much less protect themselves against these. If you do, they will curse you openly for it, and for refusing to bend over and play the victim willingly, like they do. They’re sick in the head.


      • right on man. whites are VERY demoralised and I have noticed that psychopathic whites are in positions of authority and they actually progress the white genocide,, shooting them selves in the foot in the process.


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