Psychopathy – The Realm Of Spiritual Warfare

When confronted with accusation of wrong doing the psychopath will not admit to the wrong doing. They will not acknowledge the accusation even exists. They will instead immediately throw some mud at their accuser. The psychopath solely attacks the credibility of their accuser. The accuser is often enough the victim.

The psychopath will also attempt behind the scenes moves to de-platform the accuser, so that they do not have a voice. Also the psychopath will conduct behind the scenes moves ‘Gay Ops’ to undermine the accusers reputation to authority.

The psychopath is always on the offensive, even if they haven’t been attacked they will attack, especially if they sense weakness, such as lowered or weak boundaries in their victim/target.

The attack often actually uses the power of authority to harm the target. The most efficient attack today, is to whisper in the ear of authority and say some bad things about the target. say a sob story where the psychopath is the upstanding regular individual who has been in some way the victim of the target.

To the third party observer the psychopath and their target are indistinguishable, especially if the target has responded with ‘reactive abuse’.

Generally the psychopath prefers to operate in the shadows and with ‘plausible deniability’. The only time the target sees the effects of the psychopath’s actions is when some negative thing happens to the target, seemingly ‘out of the blue’.

Even caught red handed, the psychopath will not admit guilt.

If a person has a grievance with a psychopath, the failure of the psychopath to apologise may often lead to the person losing their temper or complaining about the psychopath in public. At this point the psychopath often themselves complain to authority about the person with the grievance and the psychopath plays the victim and shows the aggrieved person’s public displays of frustration and anger as proof of attack on the psychopath.

Often but not always psychopaths have soulless eyes. They can seem somehow black or empty, or sometimes like that of a shark. Other times sly like a lizard.

Psychopaths are focused on power. They hate truth and love power.

Psychopaths thrive in a heavily demoralised environment. Demoralised people will often show indifference to even the most obvious lies of the psychopath. Demoralised people will also often side with evil if they perceive evil as the winner or the power in a situation. Accordingly demoralised people, who now themselves disrespect the truth, will actually attack and denounce the one who calls out the psychopath. Even if the evidence presented of psychopathy is good and easy to comprehend, the demoralised people will ignore the truths and instead attack the truth teller. Demoralised people are symbiotic with psychopaths because they accept psychopaths in their midst. Demoralised people have ‘leaned helplessness’ and their core beliefs include believing that they cannot change anything in their situation or in the World by their will, actions or their voice. So demoralised people stay silent in the face of evil, especially when evil has power.

Psychopaths want popularity. They especially want connections and relationships to power structure inhabitants, such as any person with authority who is in the environment that the psychopath operates in.

Psychopaths have a ‘mask’ on their personality all the time, which they front to the public and to anyone in fact, such as family or work colleagues. The mask is usually one of great civility, warmth, approachable, friendliness, trustworthiness and so forth. The mask is FALSE. behind the mask is horror.

Jezebel – Unmasking the Demon Spirit

There are different types of psychopath. One female psychopath is called ‘the Jezebel Spirit’. This is often a romance based psychopath. Jezebel makes use of all the attractive power of femininity, of being a woman. This is fertile ground for jezebel to trap and destroy a man.

Its worth noting that the Family Court system in Western Nations is also a Jezebel model, where many a man is destroyed as a matter of ‘policy’.

Jezebel will lead on a man with again plausibly deniable moves, all the while never formally speaking to him, thus sending a mixed message. When the man confronts Jezebel, she again ignores the accusation and instead immediately begins to throw mud at the man’s reputation. If the aggrieved man persists, he is then labelled a ‘creepy’ a ‘stalker’ a ‘schizzo’, ‘mental illness’ ‘bonkers’ , ‘loner’, ‘no friends’. And the female-centric law system is at the ready to agree with Jezebel and to harm the man at her insistence. Again like all psychopaths, Jezebel will never apologise for her wrong doing, instead conniving to attack the reputation of the man who accused her and to de-platform him as well so he has no voice all while she paints herself as the victim.

The Youtuber Arianne Scharfi has the Jezebel spirit. She has for years on end mimicked me and played mind games. In 2022 I confronted her and she ignored my questions completely and immediately threw mud at me, aggressively attacking my reputation and threatening denunciation to authority and de-platforming. Since then Jezebel Arianne Scharfi and psychopathic accomplice Youtuber Krupinski, have waged war on me, conducting a smear campaign on me and a long running de-platforming campaign.

So I have discovered a Jezebel AND a psychopath, in cahoots, manipulating and conniving for my destruction.

Unfortunately I often unearth a psychopath by accident when I take issue with someone’s conduct, not realising they are evil and then get not an apology, but a smear campaign and a de-platforming campaign instead.

Jezebel in this way extracts maximum psychic energy supply, as she is like all psychopaths a psychic energy vampire, who ‘feeds’ on human misery. So the man can be destroyed, even killed by Jezebel, to say nothing of a broken heart. Today, the percentage of men in jail (or just plain killed) who are there in some way because of a women is astronomical, indicating the structural, legal evil of today’s society, in permissively enabling Jezebel to destroy men and wreak havoc.

It seems that Jezebel cannot be bested in this currently maximally demoralised environment of today’s Western Nations, because the demoralised people will almost always side with Jezebel. I wish I knew a way to defeat Jezebel. Its fair to say that if the truth has no effect on authority holders, then the tactic of presenting authority with truth of Jezebel’s evil intent and games etc will not work. Authority sides with Jezebel, today;s authority structures are fundamentally psychopathic in design. I believe psychopaths will not harm another psychopath on behalf of a victim of a psychopath. Authority at best seems to take action against ‘disorderly’ behavior, such as a person shouting and swearing at another person, ie a reactionary victim of psychopathy swearing at a newly encountered psychopath who has morally outraged them.

Unfortunately, often the only way one can tell who is a psychopath, is when one has a ‘run-in’ with them, ie a conflict. Often this conflict comes about because of the aggrieved individual challenging and confronting the Jezebel/psychopath on their terrible behavior. The Jezebel ignores the accusation and begins throwing mud and so it starts. Again, the demoralised ‘community’ will ignore the accusations of the Jezebel’s wrong doing and side with her at the expense of the victim.

Psychopaths need to have a spotless public image. They need to be perceived as perfect. They conversely have an uncanny way of projecting a bad reputation onto someone else. Psychopaths do often ‘project’. This means they reject their personal evil characteristics and place those attributes onto another person. If you have ever been the victim of a projecting psychopath, you will eventually have the realisation that your good name has been smeared to all the people that matter to you. These people will thus regard you as a very bad person and also as a completely different person than you know yourself to be! Talk about crazy and crazy making. Indeed the psychopath has a kind of craziness. Psychopaths who are projecting onto a target, can often act ‘crazy-making’ towards the target. The target will feel like they are going crazy, because of the social and psychological affects of the psychopaths peculiar black magic-like behavior. Psychopaths have long been associated with demons and also with witches.

The Smear Campaign – Example

Its extremely telling and extremely interesting to behold just how psychopaths will craft their denunciation-to-authority attacks. Psychopaths can be seen to identify the attitudes and values of the prevailing power structure and its likes and dislikes and then to denounce the target for going against those likes, attitudes and values. For example, the psychopath Youtuber “Krupinski” recently denounced me to Youtube, Bitchute and every other website for “racism and homophobia”.

If this was 1917, psychopath Krupinski would be denouncing me to the Soviet secret police for being a “decadent Capitalist” or a “profiteer” or a “counter revolutionist” or a “Christian” or whatever. Krupinski has also variously described me to both ‘community’ members and authorities alike as a “Incel” and a “weirdo” “woman hater” “delusional” “anti vaxxer” “racist” “psychotic” “sad” and a “Schizzo”, “despicable racist homophobe” “inciting hatred” “He needs help” etc, after I criticised this psychopath. In short: If you criticise a psychopath: Prepare to be pre-emptively character assassinated. Psychopath Krupinski also denounced me to Patreon and I was banned from Patreon for “criticising a protected class”. (no doubt psychopath Krupinski is this “protected class”). Patreon themselves are a proven psychopathic organisation, running pornography but banning conservatives. I did not appeal the ban as I rather dislike Patreon. Patreon also recently LOST a class action law suit for persecuting conservative members, leading to big fines for Patreon. Patreon is now in bad standing and is postponing its attempt to list on the stock exchange indefinitely, due to its disgraceful reputation. Patreon you psychopaths, I tell you fuck around and you found out!

Psychopath Krupinski had combed through my website and my bitchute channel, looking for information to use as ammunition against me. psychopath Krupinski then takes my bitchute vids to secretive Discord groups and shows the vids of me to people in those Discords, aiming to get influential community members “friends of the community” to be against me, even though most have never even spoken with me ever. The secretive Discord groups are a way to intensify the mocking of the target with flying monkey type sycophantic gang members.

Brigading is where psychopaths like Krupinski gather their followers, their “yes men”, and deploy them to ‘brigade’ a Youtube channel by as a group denouncing the channel to Youtube moderators, and all making the same complaint about the target channel at once. You can already see what lovely kind hearted people psychopaths like Krupinski trully are.

For example in 2019 psychopath Krupinski denounced me to Youtube and got my channel banned from streaming my flight simulation video game Youtube streams, for a ten day period. This was an unprovoked attack on me and my channel.

Also projection is visible in denunciations to authority, for example psychopaths like their father the Devil are the original “haters”, they are truly full of hatred for the good the true and the beautiful. Ironically then, psychopaths will denounce their target as “spreading hate”. What a horrible person is, that the psychopath describes, but truth is the psychopath often describes themselves and projects their own true identity onto their target. In short: evil describes the good to the authority as evil. And evil knows the description so well.

If it were NSDAP controlled Germany psychopaths like Krupinski would be denouncing truth targets like me for things like “defeatism” (punishable by hanging), food hoarding (for having backyard chickens) or try to get one sent to the Eastern Front in Winter… You get the idea. To recap: The Psychopath is seen to denounce the target to authority in a way that shows the target has opposing values to the power structure.

The overall goal of denouncement to authority is to destroy the reputation or the physical well being of the target, mostly because the target criticised the psychopath. The psychopath’s intent is to therefor resurrect their own spotless public image, by the discrediting and or destruction of their accuser or critic.

The psychopath will strategically influence events to manufacture consensus, seeking to create the impression that “the whole community came together to reject/ban you”, (said to the target), this force multiplier effect can be devastating to the victim of the psychopath, because to them it seems they are an outcast and at the mercy of an irrational outrage mob. The double whammy is this community ostracization, synchronized with complaint to authority. Such 1,2 punch maneuvers can permanently break a victim such they never fully recover, and this is the handiwork of the Devils child, the psychopath. And this is why I believe psychopaths are wrecking the whole World and deserve to be scruitinised themselves.

The reason why psychopaths so often use mental illness as the excuse used to denounce their victim, is because crazy people’s word is generally given scant regard, but also because the psychopath engages in ‘crazy-making’ behavior which can make the victim start to act crazy under such pressure and then others see this and get a false confirmation of the ‘crazy’ label. Thirdly, psychopaths are crazy and project their insanity onto their otherwise sane target. These are the reasons why psychopaths are so often opting to throw the crazy label at their victim.

The psychopath operates in a community and when isolating the target and condemning them, the psychopath manipulates to make the will of the psychopath also the will of the community. When the two are in accord, universal mockery and rejection of the victim ensue.

Psychopaths know that winning a power struggle or a conflict with a target/victim, means friends, powerful friends and popularity. They will use superficial charm and cultivate connections to the powerful friends.

Psychopaths always favour inversion. Inversion means to turn everything upside down. This includes homosexuality which is a favourite theme of psychopaths since it is inversion.

It is my hearts desire to find ways to effectively combat and neutralise the negative and devastating effects of psychopaths on individuals and nations. Society needs some anti-psychopath antibodies. If you have any ideas let me know.

8 February 2023

Psychopaths use aliases.

Psychopaths will mask to the public, and an extention of this is the use of aliases. Particularly in the online environment, psychopaths will make use of ‘sock’ accounts, accounts with names that are not their true identity. They may make over time many such accounts for purpose of communication in nefarious ways.

The Aliases of Arianne Scharfi/Meow.Scharfi

  • Miss Simplicity (IL-2, Steam)
  • Gopro (YT)
  • Anonymous (My website)
  • Adriana Patzold (YT in my superchat livestream)
  • Shutz Angelchen (‘little guardian angel’ YT)

The Aliases of Krupinski/Krupnski

  • Stefan B (YT)

Why would one person need all these accounts and identities? Maybe because theyre evil?


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