(Black History Month) Black 14 Year old Boy Attacks 9 Year Old White Girl

And cops paint their cars with pro-black themes and messages.

You can see in this video clearly that the blacks are a invading army destroying raping pillaging plundering looting rioting murdering AND AND AND blacks are SUPPORTED in this activity by police and at the expense of white people and white nations.

(Black History Month) Black 14 Year old Boy Attacks 9 Year Old White Girl

One thought on “(Black History Month) Black 14 Year old Boy Attacks 9 Year Old White Girl

  1. Whites today are weak. Spiritually weak and physically weak. I see this regularly and often, and it’s very clear. Women to whom I speak these observations aloud will sometimes ask me, “aren’t you making a lot of assumptions?” No. “How can you know what they think or what they believe?” Because they live their entire lives on social media in all of its forms. Every thought, every value, every belief, every opinion is written down (and often filmed) for whole wide world to see, hear, and know. These fools have zero self-awareness.

    Today in America, women run the lives of white men, who comport themselves like small, insecure, timid little boys. White men today are very effeminate: they wear earrings like girls do, they wear “skinny” jeans like girls do, they dye their hair like girls do, and they carry purses like girls do (which they call “messenger bags,” but they’re a purse). White men whine online about how to control their anger when they lose a chess game, have to consult their mommy or their girlfriend before they make a decision, they can’t maintain a car or clean a fish (or catch a fish), they have no idea how a shotgun works, et cetera.

    Good examples of so-called “right wing” but actually weak, white losers in the USA are former Trump speech writer Darren Beattie, who owns Revolver News, “Mr. GunsNGear” and his Beta-boy followers on YouTube, or “SerpentZA.” They simp for women, cry on camera like a young girl, and document their lives as losers for the whole world to observe. Small wonder non-whites mock whites, beat whites up, and kill whites. What is there to fear?


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