Some great points about the nature and reality of evil. In my experience, evil is real, it does hide it self well however, so most of you will simply not have the experience to spot it.

One of the major characteristics of evil is an inability to reflect on or acknowledge its own terrible and evil activity. Evil cannot be truthful about it’s evil nature. Rather evil will ‘couch’ it self in self description and in placing it self in a context, that portrays it self as not evil, not incorrect not untruthful, not in any way bad or even unusual. Evil presents it self as the epitome of uprightness, while in reality evil is the epitome of inversion.

Evil might claim they are telling the truth about the offensive behavior of their victim who had struck back at them, however evil conveniently forgets all about its ugly wicked fake true self. In evil’s mind, they are always the victim. You catch evil out in a lie and immediately evil declares they didnt lie….Which is yet another lie.

We have entered a new era – a new Age. The sky clock has shifted through 2000 years and that old era is now over. In this new era no untruth can stay hidden for long. Where will evil hide now?


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