‘Chinese Spy’ Balloon

The normy retards are going ape shit discussing this alleged chinese spy balloon. Since normies hate the truth, let me apply some hard hitting truth criteria to this story:

– Dont the chinks have satellites orbiting over USA? Wouldnt those be much more effective at spying?

– There are literally MILLIONS of chonks crawling all over every State in the USA, wouldnt they make great spies? Heck many are US citizens and can go work for area 51 or some shit. Whats a better spy: US citizen Kalvin Wang Zing Ting down at NASA mission control, or some rudimentary helium balloon? Yeh.

– The defacto COMMUNIST biden government personel are ALL clearly TREASONOUS to the interests of not only the USA, but humanity itself. Bidens tranny nuclear guy was caught red handed kleptomaniacally stealing womems luggage down at the airport.

-Satalloons are a fact. This is likely a satalloon.

– Google Earth: The chinks can just spy on USA or anywhere in the World using Google Earth, dear Normie they can probanly see your mum sunbathing in the back yard on there. Why send a uncontrollable bslloon to do what Google Earth and Kalven Wang Ping Sing Ting can accomplish on the ground?

-The Club Of Rome and Lima Declaration dismantled and sent 99% of Western nations’ industry to CHINA. Why are Western nations giving untrustworthy Communists all our tech and factories?

– The news media is a PROVEN repeat pathalogical liar. Youd have to be a retard to believe the TV these days.

So do you still think its as the media and gov say? If so: I got a bridge to sell ya in the Sahara Desert!

‘Chinese Spy’ Balloon

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