Jezebel Narcissist As Romance Scammer

Romance scams are said to be the most common online scam to con duped people out of their money. A jezebel narcissist woman does the same con, but seeks ‘supply’, that is narcissistic supply, the psychic energy vampire feeds off of the duped victims negative emotions, confusion, sadness, frustration and the like. Jezebel is a romance con artist. But unlike romance con artists who just want the victims money, jezebel seeks the victims psychic energy supply until theyre sucked empty, then seeks to steal kill and DESTROY the victim. The energy basis of the scam is loneliness, the victims loneliness is the source of supply for the vampire. The jezebel knows how to tell if the victim is lonely, even if theyve never stated it. Loneliness is a rich source of supply for jezebel. Read more here: Narcissism & Psychopathy

Jezebel Narcissist As Romance Scammer

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