The narcissist’s primary method of attack in current times is denunciation to authority. I have witnessed a busy body narcissist in an apartment complex call the fire brigade on some new tennants, even though there was no smoke let alone fire, because he wanted the fire brigade to go inside the new tennant’s apartment while they were not home, to rattle them and give them a permanent sense of unease – a ‘welcoming party’ from the narcissist. Further the narc would have been asking the fire brigade if they found anything illicit. I witnessed this cunt standing at the bottom of the fire brigade’s ladder, looking and pointing up and issuing directives to the fireman 3 stories high trying to go through an open lounge room window. This involved the arrival of two massive full sized fire trucks and was based completely on the lies of the busy body narcissist.

Such busy body narcs will complain again and again, to multiple authorities, building up a back catalogue of complaints with the authorities, their ‘greatest hits’ and over time increasing the severity and shrillness of the complaint tone, as though ‘if something is not done the sky will fall in’. The narcissist cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Powerfully, psychologically, the narc couches themselves in the position of complaining victim. (The powerful victim) Authority also needs a reason for existence and one such reason is to receive complaints from busy body narcissists. So the two authority and narcissist have a symbiotic relationship. So this way this demonic goblin, the narcissist is able to simultaneously pretend to be the victim while attacking the real victim. You can see some powerful manipulation here. At the core is evil and evil is always attacking it’s victim by method of complaint to authority and always claiming victim status. How perverse! How truly evil.

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