Cat Overlord Derails Train in Ohio

There was a train derailment in Ohio where everything to toxic and everyone had to give their land to FEMA and not own their land no more because a giant cat set off a chlorine dioxide spill and it all burned up and what a great scam to get farm land say its toxic, confiscate it and force all the owners to go into 15 minute smart cities. Bill Gates dont think im not on to you with your Ohio train schtick. They will do this scam everywhere to force people off the land, its a trick it a trick its an OBVIOUS trick. People in Ohio should NOT evacuate anywhere and instead guard their land from hostile stealing ie ‘confiscation’. This is some commie-tier shit, dont fall for it. Dont fall for it, I know your al dumb sheep, but still please dont fall for this obvious land-grab and human herding into cities trick. Stay on the land, never leave the land no matter what.

Cat Overlord Derails Train in Ohio

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