FW190D-9 Ace In A Flight 6 Kills (DCS)

Now THIS is how you fly the Dora. No damage, No Overheat, No Getting (too) lost, AND made it back to base for a (survivable) landing. I kept the cowl flap cooling manually under control and I kept an eye on the in-cockpit clock for making sure to not run the MW50 longer than 10 minutes at a time and I rested the engine at around 1.15 ata in between full power sessions, for 5 minutes again looking at the clock. It worked well, no engine trouble. The landing flap keyboard assignments is trecherous and the Dora is easy to land if you have landing flap down, but I almost didnt, even though I was aware of the issue, it almost caaught me landing with only takeoff flap which is a sure way to hit the boundary fence at the end of the runway. To my surprise after landing I had 6 kills.

FW190D-9 Ace In A Flight 6 Kills (DCS)

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