Comment answers:

Ashley Jones

Good solution, I’m also delighted that you have your own website. This is something more people need to do, personal pages shouldn’t be a thing of the past. Though it would look cooler if you wrote it in HTML instead of using WordPress. But that’s just my personal preference, it looks good either way. Also, can you watch my documentary, TikTok Tranny? It’s entertaining.

FF9k: Cheers darlin, yeh i actually like html since i can place ads where I want, unlike wordpress, not sure how secure html is these days though. Ill check the link.

Christkike Killer – Destroyer of Religitards

Did you even try using a VPN? Certain limitations on servers can result in problems posting from different locations. I have noticed that using UDP mode with VPN doesn’t always work and had to switch to TCP mode for it to function correctly.

FF9k: Yeh I briefly tried vpn, no joy, tcp mode ey? i might try to try that. or just maybe buy a new phone and sim and make a new account from that, for omments. what a rigmarol tho lol.


Froggy is on a 6-month ban all his comments would have been deleted and ban from making new ones

FF9k: Maybe anything’s possible, who knows


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