6 thoughts on “I made a third Bitchute account: It also cannot comment!

  1. I’d reply on Bitchute but,…The very same scenario happened to me, starting a month ago… exactly the same.

    It’s not just Bitchute! After being silenced and shadow banned on Bitchute, I quickly realized that this “kikery” spans several platforms.

    Although I started fresh accounts on vidmax and 9gag, the same BS followed me there. Initially I believed that it was just Bitchute… and then I thought it was my ISP. (Tor didn’t work either.) It’s got to be an IP block that spans several sites(??).

    *Disqus still ‘works” on vidmax but my posts are shadow banned.*

    I’m going to try an old phone tomorrow…🤔

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    • Firstly thanks for commenting here on my website, as I simply cannot reply to all the comments people are still leaving on butchute. Sorry to hear that, yeh something dodgy is going on, too many people are experiencing this kind of odd activity lately, I hope it is not the start of an internet purge of free thinkers. Yeh Im looking at ebay right now considering getting a same phone as I already have as a copy with a different imei or whatever that may be useful for getting back into commenting on bitchute and maybe useful elsewhere.


    • damn same as me huh? yeh i may get a different phone to try creating a new account with it and commenting it may or may not work. I also got a strike on youtube 2 days ago that prevents me uploading or streaming or posting there for a week. seems a lot like targeting across platforms.


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