Glitch in the Matrix

Deep fake ai? Or actual CERN glitch? I know thanks to my research into cyclones and twisters that twisters exert a phenomenon onto effected objects which can blend them into perfectly fused union, without seemingly damaging the objects. This true phenomenon extends to even weak objects, such as when a garden hose was threaded through a tree trunk of a live tree, without damage to either object, or bits of straw being stuck through sheet metal. People look at that and assume its the speed of the wind inside the twister that does it. But its not! No twister can force a weak peice of stick to embed itself in a cinda block house wall like that. It defies known physics, its melding of objects into one under the influence of whatever ephemeral force that resides in a twister. I think Wizard Of Oz is sort of alluding to this inherent strangeness of twisters. As to this vid below, the real question is: How did so many nig nogs and sand niggers get into France like that?

Glitch in the Matrix

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