Crew-5 Mission | Undocking SpaceX Bulshit

More theatrical pantomime from “Spacex “(Sex). Its all fake NASA bulshit. Narrated by a gay Indian a white woman and another gay man, the biggest give away that this is fake is the ABSOLUTE LACK OF STARS IN THE SPACE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up there the Milky Way would be so bright and brilliant like never before since no atmosphere in the way (In a vacuum righhhht?) But we cant see any stars in this CGI budget goyslop entertainment of Idiocracy proportions. Everyopne at mission control is playing call of duty on those 3 monitors and checking their DMs. Show me the sun moon and stars you gay lying faggots!

Stars in space – there are many many stars up there. Why Spacex no stars huh? Not in the budget

Crew-5 Mission | Undocking SpaceX Bulshit

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