6 thoughts on “Incest Part 2 – Comments Replied.

      • Exactly. It’s if you got shit genes or when a father or uncle rapes their daughter/niece that you get twisted creatures spring forth from the womb via incest. I met a 2nd cousin of mine one time at a more distant family gathering. We had never met before but the connection was instant and the attraction strong. I wanted to go outside and take a walk and she followed me out and we talked for hours. If I had suggested a tumble in another room in the building she probably would have obliged.


      • yeh ive met distant relatives and found good relations were achieved without effort and that they felt like instant friends somehow and I really wished I saw them more in my life and i longed to be in a community where the neighbors are like this rather than increasingly just totally unfitting foreign invaders from far flung pkaces


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