American Names

In some counties in Europe, there is a book of names and if you have a child, its name must be from the book. This prevents ridiculous names.

In USA there is the weird Hollywood naming agenda where kids get called anything from “Moon Unit” to “Reece” For a girl. etc etc etc. But Even mainstream USA does odd things with names.

USA names are often of an occupation or a activity. Such as ‘Tucker’, ‘Hunter’, ‘Tyler’, ‘Scout’, ‘Porter’, ‘Scooter’, ‘Sawyer’, ‘Dakota’ ‘Liberty’ ‘Mason’ ‘Maverick’ ‘April’ ‘North’ ‘Bennett’ ‘Parker’, Weston, Legend, August, Chase, Walker, Zion, Archer, Bentley, Ace, Maddox, Barrett, Beckett, Dawson, Knox, Hayes, Remington, Griffin, Nash, Preston, Jett, Phoenix, Cash, Lennox, Crew, Hendrix, Cohen, Cruz, Gunner, Chance, Anderson, Tanner, Berk, Mackenzie etc etc etc There are so many more examples.

The names are shit because they lack a sex. Sometimes such names are given to girls too. Imagine being called “Tucker”! What do you do Tucker, do you ‘tuck’? Are you good at tucking? Your name is an action. A insignificant action. tuck your shirt in, tuck into bed, tuck tuck tick. What a joke.

These are not names of people or they are surnames used as first names, which is completely unacceptable.

The best names are ancient European names that pre-date Christianity.

Maybe the Americans can start calling their kids ‘plumber’ and ‘electrician’.

American Names

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