(Series For Men: Lesson #105) Understanding Our Fears, Dislikes, Enjoyments, And Desires.

Theres a lot of structurally engineered problems today that men have grown up in, that lead many (most) of us to have some feeling that we are not quite good enough no matter if we try or not. Our forefathers were not subjected to this onslaught, so we should acknowledge that culture is not quite right these days, but that doesnt mean that we are inferior. Remember the NWO has abolished marriage and children, females feel little to no desire to get married young and be a home maker, they rather marry the state and work in a cubicle, have some abortions and some casual sex, and steadily depart from marriage material, till one day they declare its time to settle down at 25-40 and at this point their marriage value judged by traditional marriage criteria is close to zero. Then the females get very upset and they dont know really why and they turn to the state doctors who prescribe them head drugs to passify them in a stupor of fluoxitine for the rest of their shitty existence until they kill themselves or die of cancer or alcoholism. All the while guys are here wondering in earnest: “am I too bald, too short, too thin, not enough muscle? Am I not in an important enough income bracket to be deemed attractive to marriage quality females? Its the social engineering designed to genocide us that is trully to blame, but we are trully to blame for not as a society realising this and smashing this fake culture down and re-erecting classical Western values where they once stood so functionally and effectively.

(Series For Men: Lesson #105) Understanding Our Fears, Dislikes, Enjoyments, And Desires.

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