Schizoid Narcissist – The Pushmi-Pullyu – Needs People; Avoids People – Origins & Causes

I describe real example of methods of obtaining narcissistic supply employed by the most rare of narcissists the Schizoid Narcissist. In this video I am finally able to address and answer the mystery of why schizoid narcissists engage the supply target only with indirect communication. The answer relates to the conflicting inner World of the Schizoid Narcissist: They avoid people, but must somehow engage with people to obtain supply. Indirect communication is the method and utilises ‘dog whistling’, mimicking as a communication, and use of sock accounts to communicate under a false identity. This satisfies the Schizoid Narcissists need for obtaining supply from an anonymous source, or in this case from a real identity but through anonymous means. Schizoid Narcissists are completely fucked in the head and insane and owing to their sneakiness very hard for non experts to identify. At this stage I have become very knowledgeable on Schizoid Narcissists and compared to the average person I am expert in this field. I dont imagine there is much more to know about this subject and so i will be moving on to other things. Evil must be crushed on Earth and the way to do it is to know it, since it hides so well. There are unlimited narcissists in the World today. There are a few other narcissists that I wouldnt mind tackling. Although each battle takes its toll. I repeat: Evil cannot be defeated, if it’s nature is unknown. That’s why my work is so important to the fate of the Human Race, which is now on the verge of extinction. May the Race go on forever.

A spiritual illness

Schizoid Narcissist – The Pushmi-Pullyu – Needs People; Avoids People – Origins & Causes

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